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A Year of Yoga

Last year I taught a lot of Yoga! So much so that by November I was rather tired, exhausted even. I found that I was way out of balance, working late to keep up with the workload, waking up early when our daughter Tula wakes up. The sleep deprivation was certainly not helping re-gain my vitality.

I felt that my regular classes on Waiheke were suffering somewhat from my tiredness.

I turned up to each class of course but often with only a vague idea of what I would teach. Part of this was actually useful and interesting … how do I teach when I’m under this amount of pressure? Can I improvise class after class?

It was in fact engaging simply to turn up to class and meet whoever walked through the classroom door, and create on-the-fly classes and sequences geared right to these students exactly as they were in that moment.

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Moving Towards Our True Nature

I have been studying the the iRest approach to Yoga Nidra recently and in the teaching manual, founder and teacher Richard Miller talks about the qualities of our true nature:

Loving, Kindness, Presence, Unconditional, Peaceful, Friendliness, Unattached, Happy, Joyfulness, Faith, Trusting, Transparency, Mindfulness, Responsive, Purity, Truthfulness, Contentment, Luminous, Powerful, Knowing, Full, Empty, Tender, Spontaneous, Authentic, Creative, Intimate, Complete, Aware (and more).

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Raw Brownies

I recently shared these delicious treats at the end of a class and everyone was unanimous in their delight! This simple yet stunning recipe comes from a great raw food website called My New Roots, which is by chef Sarah Britten - do check it out - some amazing recipes...

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Supported Reclined Bound Angle Posture

Once experienced there is little doubt of the benefits of Restorative Yoga. There are many Restorative postures, but often my students' favourite is Supported Reclined Bound Angle Posture (in Sanskrit, Salamba Supta Baddha Konasana). In this posture we lie back onto a...

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What is Restorative Yoga?

Read The Eight Essentials Of Restorative Yoga >> A few years ago I enrolled on a Yoga Teacher Training course for a year at the Yoga Academy Auckland - I was on a mission to learn more and more about this practice and to equip myself with as much knowledge as I...

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Chinese Symbol For Presence

I recently took an early morning private group for yoga here on Waiheke at the Marae. It was a very beautiful start to a few days ... practicing as the sun was rising, casting a beautiful light on the ocean shore just down from where we were. We're blessed on Waiheke...

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The Heart Moving

Scratch your left ear with your right foot by all meansBut show me how your heart movesStand on your head til the cows come homeOr show me a thousand different points of viewFlip flop and drop backAnother 108 sun salutes just like that,But I'd rather know if you can...

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How babies learn to move

Two wonderful videos, created by Feldenkrais teachers, showing how babies learn to move. These patterns of movement are foundations for how we move as adults. Great to explore these in a yoga and dance practice....

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Donna Farhi on video

Wonderful to see Donna practice ... inspiring to see the fluid movement, the integrity of the movement, the breath and stillness ... all present in the practice. Enjoy and be inspired! Lovely music too.  ...

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All About Yoga Mats

I recently bought ten new mats for my classes here on Waiheke and did what practically every other yoga studio and school does which was buy pvc based mats ... they are relatively cheap and last a while, quite sticky and not hard to clean. I noticed a rather...

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The Blessings of John O’Donohue

Over the last few months I have very much been enjoying the writings and poetry of John O'Donohue. A writer of unique power to me (and many others), John captured a great sense of wonder of the natural world and a deep wisdom and kindness born from a life of studying...

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