Scratch your left ear with your right foot by all means,
But show me how your heart moves.
Stand on your head for hours on end,
Or show me a thousand different points of view.
You can flip flop and drop back,
Another 108 sun salutes like that,
But I want to know if you can meet every edge in your body with kindness,
If you have the courage to uncover and be with the truth about yourself.
Will you carry this stranger across fields of muddy waters,
And bend over backwards to offer out whatever you have left.

The waves of your breath flowing with ease through every joint,
The moment to moment feeling of how each beautiful movement initiates,
Sequences through your body and completes,
Gliding softly and smoothly, transition after transition,
Just like the quiet grace of a wild cat.

Each morning, awakening fresh and vibrant
And the night, not a collapse in a heap, exhausted,
but a presence to the wonderful art of resting.
Liquid pouring onto the earth,
Meeting the end with a breathing, beating heart,
And be held with great love
And turn and wonder, “My beloved, how does kindness move here?

Neal Ghoshal

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