Tending The Flame, an Open Floor Workshop with Sacha Paddy

Tending The Flame

with Sacha Paddy
an Open Floor Workshop
29-30th April 2023, Queenstown, NZ

6 week iRest Course, The Heart of iRest, with Neal Ghoshal

The Heart of iRest Yoga Nidra

6 week online course
Monday evenings, 7.30-8.45pm
From 1st May 2023

Wild Wonder Wisdom, an Open Floor Dance Retreat with Sacha Paddy, Mana Retreat

The BIG Relax

Saturday 8th April 2023, 2-4.30pm
Morra Hall, Waiheke Island
with Neal Ghoshal

The Nature of Rest, a Restorative Yoga Retreat at Mana Retreat, with Neal Ghoshal and Karla Brodie

The Nature of Rest

Restorative Yoga Retreat, 16-18th June
Mana Retreat Centre, Coromandel
with Neal Ghoshal and Karla Brodie

Earthbeat, 22-26th March 2023

Earthbeat Festival

22nd-26th March 2023
Sacha teaches 5Rhythms Dance
Neal teaches a Yoga workshop

To Yield With Heart To Joy, a Retreat at Mana Retreat, September 2022

5Rhythms Dance + Yoga

Retreat at Mana Retreat
1st-3rd September 2023
with Sacha Paddy + Neal Ghoshal

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MSSAT, Male Survivors Of Sexual Abuse

Yoga Teacher Training

200 hour trainings + Advanced Modules
In-person and Online
with Contemporary Yoga

MSSAT, Male Survivors Of Sexual Abuse

Open Floor Movement | 5Rhythms

Classes, Workshops and Courses
with Sacha Paddy
Auckland, Waiheke and New Zealand

Widespread Forward Bend detail, Yoga with Neal Ghoshal

Yoga with Neal

Classes, Workshops and Courses
Yoga Teacher Training
on Waiheke, Auckland and New Zealand

Inspired by Yoga, 5Rhythms dance, Open Floor, somatic and functional movement … and sometimes just pure simple kindness 🙂

These are our passions and they fill our lives. Our vision is to share what we love out to our community and out into the world.

Blog Posts / Articles / News

Waiting In The Wings

Waiting In The Wings

I am not talking about some distant dream or fantasy.
This is more intimate, close in.
You can feel it, sense its nearness. Hear it,
Waiting in the wings for you,
Ready to be beckoned on to your stage.

This unlived part of you,
A vital, known, missing piece of your life
Is reaching out to be welcomed.

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Kindness, an iRest® Meditation

Kindness, an iRest® Meditation

We hope you enjoy listening to and practicing this iRest Meditation on Kindness.

For many years, simple yet meaningful Kindness has been completely central to my Yoga practice and my life. It has been at the very heart of my practice, guiding me in my Yoga practice and teaching, and in how I live with my family and friends and community.

Kindness has so many facets – generosity, love, friendship, healthy boundaries and much more. It is the great connector. It is what will help us survive and what will help us thrive … and ultimately, it is who we are.

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Mindful Self-Compassion, a course review

Mindful Self-Compassion, a course review

From August to October, over eight 3-hour sessions, every Wednesday evening, including a day retreat, I attended a course on Mindful Self-Compassion, led by Mara Elwood.

This is a review of the course. And let me say right up front that I absolutely loved the course – all the material and the skilled, compassionate facilitation from Mara too.

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Stepping Over

Stepping Over

This poem speaks to the unknown pathways which at times in my life I must take. Anxiety often arises as I face the hidden journeys ahead - sometimes when I step into a teaching space, in my relationships, parenting, and also in my life as I come to certain thresholds....

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The Friend Arrives

The Friend Arrives

It's strange the way a poem arrives - I can never know when the writing muse will come, and then I need to remember or be awake enough to write some ideas down. On Christmas night this year I woke around 3am, some words started arriving, something about friendship and...

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