I love how poems happen for me – they arrive out of the mystery, often early in the morning. This came today, after a challenging evening and subsequent questioning of my heart’s longing.

In iRest Yoga Nidra we often ask ourselves what we deeply long for and wish for. And sometimes it feels so close by, not some distant dream. And yet, courage is still needed. I’ll let the poem speak.


I am not talking about some distant dream or fantasy.
This is more intimate, close in.
You can feel it, sense its nearness. Hear it,
Waiting in the wings for you,
Ready to be beckoned on to your stage.

This unlived part of you,
A vital, known, missing piece of your life
Is reaching out to be welcomed.

There is also a vulnerability here too,
Disrupting the easier comfort of your current path.
Your boat may be rocked.
Your boat may even sink.
But know friend, there is a stronger,
More sea-worthy vessel waiting for you.

Your heart is singing to you here.
It has already been seen and heard.
Now it desires to be lived.
Your stage deserves your bright completeness.

So come, gather your allies for this good sailing,
Begin to dismantle the veil between you and your longing,
And join together, in your fullness, to live your calling,
The way it has always meant to be lived,
As a heart prayer for us all.

Neal Ghoshal

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