For many years, simple yet meaningful Kindness has been completely central to my Yoga practice and my life. It has been at the very heart of Yoga, guiding me in my practice and teaching, and in how I live with my family and friends and community.

Kindness has so many facets – generosity, love, friendship, healthy boundaries and much more. It is the great connector. It is what will help us survive and what will help us thrive … and ultimately, it is who we are.

The iRest® Yoga Nidra (more info on iRest here) offered below is one version of several which I love to share with people in class and on retreats. It is also, of course, a truly supportive practice for myself.

Kindness is an immense resource and at times of anxiety and stress, it may bring great sustenance. I hope this practice is of value to you.


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