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Mental Health & Yoga SUMMIT Recordings

Hosted by Dr Lauren Tober
Founder of the Mental Health Aware Yoga Programme

Mental Health Yoga Summit Recordings

Access the recordings from both Mental Health and Yoga 2022 Summits TODAY.

Join our host, Dr Lauren Tober, to learn from some of the worlds best teachers, authors, researchers and thought-leaders in the field of yoga and mental health.

I was delighted to be a speaker at the Mental Health and Yoga SUMMIT in 2022 – I shared my passion for Kindness and Yoga. The Summit Recordings are a wonderful opportunity to deep dive and learn from many experts in their field in Yoga and mental health.
Neal Ghoshal

Please know that the button above contains an affiliate link. It’s a way that speakers on the summit may receive some financial compensation for the freely given time of their understanding and experience. Please do use this link or the button above to access the recordings. Thank you!

Mental Health Aware Yoga Summit

Who is this for?

This online Summit Recordings are for yoga teachers and therapists interested in integrating yoga and psychology into their life and work, and being part of the new wave of integrative mental health care.

This is for you if you are a:



Stay up-to-date with the latest on Yoga and mental health.

Watch all Summit sessions on-demand.

Lifetime online access for $197


What will you learn?

Stay up-to-date with the latest research and ideas in the field of mental health & Yoga.

  • Applying polyvagal theory to yoga
  • Yoga, eating disorders and body image
  • Yoga, addiction and recovery
  • Yoga Sutras and trauma
  • Bhagavad Gita and mental health
  • Adverse effects of meditation
  • The science of yoga
  • Integrating yoga and psychotherapy
  • Bringing yoga into the doctor’s office
  • Eco-psychology and yoga
  • Mental health for yoga business owners
  • Making yoga more accessible for everyone
  • Yoga and psycho-oncology
  • Acknowledgement of country in yoga
  • Latest research into yoga and depression
  • Yoga to manage your mood
  • Teaching yoga in prisons
  • Connection to country and yoga
  • Stigma, diagnosis and mental health
  • Yoga for diabetes
  • Yoga for overwhelm
  • Moving beyond labels in psychiatry
  • Pelvic health and pelvic trauma in yoga
  • Yoga for your menstrual cycle
  • Mental health and Ayurveda
  • Finding ease in a world of dis-ease
  • and more


Nearly half of the population will experience mental illness in their life


More than half of yoga students start yoga for mental health reasons


More than 3/4 of yoga students continue yoga for the mental health benefits

Your Host

Dr Lauren Tober

As a Clinical Psychologist and Yoga Teacher of around two decades, Dr Lauren is passionate about integrating yoga and psychology on the mat, in the counselling room and in the world.

With the growing interest in mental health and yoga, yoga students are attending yoga classes for the mental health benefits in unprecedented numbers, and therapists are bringing yoga into their clinical practice more than ever.

Join Dr Lauren Tober, the founder of the Yoga Psychology Institute, as she speaks to world leaders in yoga and mental health.


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