This poem speaks to the unknown pathways which at times in my life I must take. Anxiety often arises as I face the hidden journeys ahead – sometimes when I step into a teaching space, in my relationships, parenting, and also in my life as I come to certain thresholds. The more I step over into the unknown, the greater the faith that I will be held.


I stand at this edge.
I have been hesitant for so long.
I wish to step over.
The other side, unknown.

My heart pulls me over.
I stumble, fall,
There is no ground.

It doesn’t hurt,
But I am exposed, vulnerable, insecure.
My breath is short,
I flail, searching for somewhere to land.

My head wants me to step back,
To hold onto to the safe places I know.
My heart whispers a mantra … trust, trust,
My body leads me on.

The landscape is at first unfamiliar,
Yet there is some knowing – that this is the way.
Only gradually, the earth rises to meet me,
And my footing becomes surer.
A light begins to shine,
Within me, around me.
The beauty of a new Spring arrives.
I am living again, on this fresh ground.
I settle, and faith settles in me.

I keep on moving. I come to another edge.
I know what to do.


photo by Nitish Meena on
poem by Neal Ghoshal.

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