It’s strange the way a poem arrives – I can never know when the writing muse will come, and then I need to remember or be awake enough to write some ideas down.
On Christmas night this year I woke around 3am, some words started arriving, something about friendship and connection. Sufi poets sometimes refer to God as The Friend, or as The Lover, and perhaps this makes sense in some way in this poem too.



This is a meeting,
A living and loving bond,
An invisible golden thread connecting us.

An enduring trust is seeded,
And the longing to be with you is refreshed, moment to moment.

This is a YES – a willingness,
To be transparent, vulnerable, unprotected.
This presence is yours.
A dedication to your care.
Waves of love rush to support your buoyancy,
Arms are open, offering and receiving,
The exchange, as natural as breathing.

Listening, always listening,
There is no distance between us.
Now, as we sleep,
Sutras of blessings weave in and around us.
This night, the light of your eyes are in my dreams.

The aliveness of this Friendship
Is forged in the heart of my heart.
Gratitude is ever-flowing for your wondrous gift.

Now. Arriving.

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