Tending The Flame, an Open Floor Workshop with Sacha Paddy

Tending The Flame

with Sacha Paddy
an Open Floor Workshop
29-30th April 2023, Queenstown, NZ

6 week iRest Course, The Heart of iRest, with Neal Ghoshal

The Heart of iRest Yoga Nidra

6 week online course
Monday evenings, 7.30-8.45pm
From 1st May 2023

Wild Wonder Wisdom, an Open Floor Dance Retreat with Sacha Paddy, Mana Retreat

The BIG Relax

Saturday 8th April 2023, 2-4.30pm
Morra Hall, Waiheke Island
with Neal Ghoshal

The Nature of Rest, a Restorative Yoga Retreat at Mana Retreat, with Neal Ghoshal and Karla Brodie

The Nature of Rest

Restorative Yoga Retreat, 16-18th June
Mana Retreat Centre, Coromandel
with Neal Ghoshal and Karla Brodie

Earthbeat, 22-26th March 2023

Earthbeat Festival

22nd-26th March 2023
Sacha teaches 5Rhythms Dance
Neal teaches a Yoga workshop

To Yield With Heart To Joy, a Retreat at Mana Retreat, September 2022

5Rhythms Dance + Yoga

Retreat at Mana Retreat
1st-3rd September 2023
with Sacha Paddy + Neal Ghoshal

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MSSAT, Male Survivors Of Sexual Abuse

Yoga Teacher Training

200 hour trainings + Advanced Modules
In-person and Online
with Contemporary Yoga

MSSAT, Male Survivors Of Sexual Abuse

Open Floor Movement | 5Rhythms

Classes, Workshops and Courses
with Sacha Paddy
Auckland, Waiheke and New Zealand

Widespread Forward Bend detail, Yoga with Neal Ghoshal

Yoga with Neal

Classes, Workshops and Courses
Yoga Teacher Training
on Waiheke, Auckland and New Zealand

Inspired by Yoga, 5Rhythms dance, Open Floor, somatic and functional movement … and sometimes just pure simple kindness 🙂

These are our passions and they fill our lives. Our vision is to share what we love out to our community and out into the world.

Blog Posts / Articles / News

Yoga Education in Prisons

Yoga Education in Prisons

Read Helen Elscot's Report on her experience of teaching yoga in prison  'Accepting life's circumstances and making positive change' We're inspired by the work of  The Yoga Education in Prisons Trust, a registered charitable trust providing yoga and meditation...

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The Ayur Mantra

The Ayur Mantra

On a recent Yoga intensive with Donna Farhi, she taught us a beautiful chant, the Ayur Mantra. This is a mantra for health and nourishment. It can also be practiced with the ancient art of nyasa, a type of mudra practice, where the placing of the mantra on or around the body is said to be beneficial to the nourishment and protection of the psyche.

Each line from The Ayur Mantra maybe accompanied by a Mudra. Donna recently posted this video on YouTube – a great chant to learn …

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Donna Farhi on Yoga Nidra

Donna Farhi on Yoga Nidra

From our Yoga teacher, Donna Farhi ..."Recently I taught a weekend workshop on the practice of Yoga Nidra in Hobart, Tasmania. After reading the evaluations from the fifty people who attended, I was struck by how many of the participants commented on their desire to...

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