Read Helen Elscot’s Report on her experience of teaching yoga in prison 

‘Accepting life’s circumstances and making positive change’

We’re inspired by the work of  The Yoga Education in Prisons Trust, a registered charitable trust providing yoga and meditation education for prisoners, in prisons in New Zealand. Their objectives are:

  • To provide education for prisoners and offenders in the practices and techniques of yoga and meditation with the purpose to enable personal change and development.
  • To provide released prisoners with ongoing education and training in the practices and techniques of yoga and meditation.

If you would like to donate to The Yoga Education In Prisons Trust, you can do so on their website:

Yoga Today

Through yoga, people are able to find the peace and resilience needed to live in a complex, ever changing world and to discover their own deeper, intrinsic identity. Yoga provides a system for managing all aspects of our being, from our health through to our sense of purpose and meaning.

Yoga Education in Prisons Trust – YEPT recognizes that the restrictive environment of a prison may be more conducive to internalisation and contemplation. Therefore it can be regarded as an opportunity to use the time-tested techniques and tools of yoga and meditation for personal growth and well-being.

A safe supportive environment is created by experienced teachers that allows prisoners to let go of fears and restrictive patterns, explore aspects of themselves that can enhance social integration.

Find out more here and see how you can also contribute to this project. Sacred Moves will be making contributions in the future. Watch this space for more!

USA Organisation: Prison Yoga Project

UK Organisation: The Prison Phoenix Trust

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