We’re gearing up for playing more with video – it’s a great medium for showing movement as opposed to a static photo of a posture. There is so much that may be explored in the transitions between postures, in how we flow, in how we move.


Where is the initiation of the movement? How do we sequence the impulse of the movement through the body? What movement patterns and principles can we draw upon to make safe, easeful and strong practices?

This is part of what is taught and learnt on our Yoga teacher training here at Contemporary Yoga. As much as we explore Yoga Asana, a major focus is on our movement quality, the stability within the flow, the integration of the movement.

In this sequence I play with a favourite flow – Half Moon Pose to Child’s Pose via a Lunge, Downward Facing Dog and Plank. Other times I may add a Side-Angle Pose. I enjoy the challenge of the balance in Half Moon and being able to land my back foot smoothly and quietly which takes a certain amount of strength. The rest of the sequence I’m playing with Yielding and Sequencing the impulse of the movement through the body.

What do you notice about the movement in the flow sequence?

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