Half Moon to Child’s Pose Flow

Half Moon to Child’s Pose Flow

We’re gearing up for playing more with video – it’s a great medium for showing movement as opposed to a static photo of a posture. There is so much that may be explored in the transitions between postures, in how we flow, in how we move.

What Moves You? A cute little video

I recently came across this cute little video … it beautifully touches on what may be our original motivations for moving out into the world. The beginnings of our movement intelligence may be traced back to our time spent in the womb and our first years post...

How babies learn to move

Two wonderful videos, created by Feldenkrais teachers, showing how babies learn to move. These patterns of movement are foundations for how we move as adults. Great to explore these in a yoga and dance practice.  ...

Donna Farhi on video

Wonderful to see Donna practice … inspiring to see the fluid movement, the integrity of the movement, the breath and stillness … all present in the practice. Enjoy and be inspired! Lovely music too.  ...

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