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New Beginnings…Entering the Unknown…
For Sacha and myself, these are big times…we have just a few weeks to go til our first baby is due. Well in fact the little soul could arrive at any time, and there’s one of the first teachings I have received from our baby. It seems to be a great unknown! When will the baby arrive? What will the labour be like for us? The birthing? Being a parent of a new born?

I truly have very little idea. It’s all new for me, for us. I have lots of questions, no answers. But somehow my yoga practice and my 5Rhythms dance practice has prepared me for this. Each time I step onto the yoga mat, or onto a dance floor, truly I cannot know exactly what will happen. The teachings from these traditions so often talk about being present to each moment.

And yes, as I spin off in my dance and let go into the rhythm of chaos, I have no idea what will emerge the other side. As I tune into each breath on my yoga mat, I can become sensitive and alive to every breath as it arises.

And yet I do find myself at the other side of chaos, time and time again. I find I do survive, and as the years pass I learn to trust the process, the wave of life, so I can ride it and relax.

Teachings for being at ease with the unknown future, for being present. I am praying that my years of spiritual practice will stand me in good stead for this journey of birthing and parenting and help me to truly welcome entering the unknown.

Perhaps everyday is an unknown anyway? Who knows what this day will bring? How often do I want certainty, security, yet the reality is that there is none. What we can do though is learn to be at ease with uncertainty. That’s a huge part of my spiritual journey with yoga and dance.

What helps you in times of uncertainty? What helps you feel truly at ease with the unknown?

Peace and blessings to you, Neal

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