a Women’s Open Floor Dance Retreat
with Sacha Paddy
at Mana Retreat Centre, Coromandel
14-16th May 2021, $420

You are invited to a beautiful weekend of Open Floor Dance, ritual, creating and honouring of the goodness that weaves through our lives.

We’ll be tending the circles we keep – circle with self, others in our communities, the wider world and with Spirit. A time to remember our own integral part in the circle of life. In the dance as we move and are moved, as we see and are seen, we can reconnect with both our own, and our collective wisdom as women.

This retreat will be a balancing of inner reflective (moon) time and shining, connecting (sun) time supported by the beautiful nature of Mana.

You are very welcome to join this weekend of dance and exploration at stunning Mana Retreat. No previous experience is necessary. We welcome everyone with a curiosity to move and explore.

All bookings at Mana Retreat
07 866 8972

For more information, contact Sacha:
021 046 7699 

Sacha Paddy

When Sacha discovered conscious Dance in 2000, she loved the sense of freedom as well as the potential of this practice to be a guiding light through life.

Sacha has now been teaching conscious dance for over a decade and is a certified teacher of both Open Floor and 5Rhythms dance practices. She has also been a Holistic massage therapist for nearly 20 years.

She is endlessly inspired by the simple joy of embodiment and the depth of experience that movement and dance offers us. These practices can be such a profoundly supportive resource in our lives.

She holds a heartfelt, fun, compassionate and welcoming space in which to explore life-themes through your dance.

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