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When someone loves what they do with all of their heart, it emanates to everyone they work with. Neal is one of these people.

His genuine kindness and joy of teaching are as much a blessing to receive as his depth of knowledge. My brain feels expanded with new know-how, tools and understanding, and even better, my body and spirit feel deeply nurtured by what I’ve learned with his guidance.

There’s a beautiful element of self-care, support and strength in what Neal shares which I believe can benefit everyone on this planet. Yoga Nidra with iRest is something I’m particularly grateful for and will explore more in the future for myself and to share with others.

Even in my daily life after the course, I hear Neal’s voice occasionally encouraging me to inquire: “What would make me feel more comfortable right now?” It’s simple but profound! To know how to create a stable and easeful foundation for yourself from which to move throughout life is fundamental to living well.

Thank you, Neal! Your generosity as a teacher extends far beyond the studio.

Sarah Hart

Recently I had the great fortune of completing a teacher training course under Neals guidance, and cannot speak highly enough of him as a yoga teacher trainer.

Neal teaches with a depth of integrity, passion and knowledge that is truly inspirational.

His kindness, sense of playfulness and wise, gentle guidance has enriched my practice immensely.

It has opened doors to experience wholeness and great joy in yoga and has set my own yoga teaching journey on an exciting course of possibilities.

Lif Sunset

It was so lovely to meet you Neal and you helped me immensely to feel more confident about getting back on my feet. Very many thanks again.

Helen Simons

Neal and Sacha have such a beautiful, calm presence about them and doing an amazing job of slowly encouraging the body to move and the mind to explore. Such a joyous experience – thank you!

Stella Holmes

Thank you so much Sacha and Neal – I loved it and really felt deeply the softening of my doing and connecting with my being. 


Thank you Neal for reminding me to go gently, fluidly and playfully with and in my practice.

Tanya Batt

You guys make a kick-ass yoga teaching team. Rock on!

Zoe Watson

Neal and Sacha work seamlessly together – their gentle approach and vast knowledge make for an amazing team.

Lisa O’Neill

Neal & Sacha are a magic team with so much wisdom between them.  I wish it could have just kept going on & on,  I don’t think I would have stopped learning. I feel such a connection & wisdom within my body ignited by this workshop. 

Jodie Maynard

It was great fun. I loved the freedom to move my body.

Max Browne

I was truly blessed to have Neal take my teacher training group in 2012, his passion and wisdom gave real life and meaning to the work we were learning and inspired in me an even greater quest for knowledge and growth in my personal practice and in my teaching.

Regan Gardner

Neal brings such a focused intensity to his classes that it is almost impossible not to be carried along in the teaching experience he provides.

Neal is able to make palpable the endless connections between the physical and spiritual aspects of yoga practice. His use of music and dance creates a learning experience that is holistic joyful and at times deeply sensuous.

Simon Molloy


From my own experience as a massage therapist I know that it is not just the techniques and skills that one learns over the years that makes a good therapist – it’s the open heart, the mindfulness and presence in each moment and each breath that completes the holistic treatment.

Thank you Neal for your intuitive, professional, and compassionate touch.

It is such a great sensation lying on the floor, fully clothed and just being stretched and rolled and pulled in every possible way, feeling every inch of my body and it’s energy being revived, unblocked and brought into flow again.

And then there were moments in the treatment when it felt like there was only one source of energy that was moving you and me at the same time. That I call mastership – when there is no separation of mind and matter. I have only felt that once with another massage practitioner.

So again, thank you Neal for this universal treatment. My body, mind and spirit are renewed 🙏 Namaste.

Sibylla Meckel

Learning to be fluid in my body helps me to be fluid with myself. I know more about movement and breath now, thanks to the mindfulness you Neal, bring to us. Thank you.”


Neal and Sacha – what a combination you are! You are both so caring, approachable and supportive. The theme of ‘Fire in the Belly’ was a great one and presented to us on so many levels.

I felt gently and gradually nurtured to explore the work over the course of the weekend, ‘getting it’ in my body, mind and soul. Deeply moving. 

Lisa Fabry

The combination of yoga and dance really does amazing things to the body, mind and  heart. I had never done any dance previously but do attend yoga on a regular basis.

The workshop was delivered with much love and passion you could feel the beautiful vibes in the room. I loved everything about the weekend.

Thank you Neal and Sacha for your loving delivery of a very unique workshop.

Kathy (Adelaide)

Sacha and Neal make a beautiful team and the love and kindness between them resonates out into the group. Loving-kindness throughout the weekend with permission and encouragement to allow yourself to be yourself, and find the joy of being alive in your body, in this place, now. Beautiful.

I am very grateful for the experience and leave feeling more loving towards myself.

Sam Mitchell

Recently, I had the honour of being taught and guided by Neal Ghoshal on a teacher training program.

His gentle manner was only eclipsed by his breadth of experience and knowledge in the art of being a Yogi.

His sense of kindness & musical abilities opened my mind to what it is to embrace wholeness and to be a teacher that truly embodies the idea of ‘loving presence’.

Emma Brasier

Beautifully crafted lessons, caring, sequential and elegantly paced.

Marta Fisch

And many more …

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