Online Fundraising Class for Mental Health Foundation
Restorative Yoga
with Neal Ghoshal

with Neal Ghoshal

All koha / donations to support the Mental Health Foundation New Zealand

Please join via ZOOM a few minutes before 3pm.

Registration not needed.
Meeting ID: 122-245-708
Meeting Password: 346572

Come and join the beauty of Restorative Yoga – this time online via Zoom – and your home can become the perfect place and time to wind down, rest and restore.

This 1½ hour relaxation class will include gentle movement, Restorative Yoga postures, breath awareness and Yoga Nidra Meditation (iRest®).

By relaxing deeply and consciously we allow tension to release, we allow our bodies to soften, for energy to flow. By re-connecting with our ‘natural’ relaxed self, as  Yoga teacher Judith Lasater says, we restore and renew our energy levels.

As you join the class, please gather some props that we will use in the class. You do not necessarily need “Yoga” props – blankets, pillows, cushions – gather them all in!

  • Yoga mat or large towel (please do not worry if you have no mat – I have practiced for years without one)
  • 3-5 blankets (ideally firm blankets)
  • 2 – 3 pillows or cushions or Yoga bolsters
  • Make sure your space is warm and cosy. Pyjamas are optional  🙂
  • Once the class begins please do make sure your Zoom microphone is set to mute – thank you.

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If you have any questions please email Neal on or phone him on 021 180 7867. Find out more about Neal here >>

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