A Wild Love for the World, with Jaime Howell

Saturday 9th March 2024
7-9.15pm, $20-25
Onetangi Community Hall, Waiheke Island
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We are delighted to be hosting our dear friend Jaime Howell for a very special one-off event here on Waiheke Island – A Wild Love For The World, on Saturday 9th March, 7-9.15pm, at Onetangi Community Hall.

Somewhere in his thirties, poetry found Jaime. It moved something old and wild within him. A passion for education led him to offer community rites of passage events. After a devastating accident he found another way to play the guitar and began writing songs about the passages that exist between life stages.

After two decades helping adolescents gain a sense of what it means to be healthy and whole, he turned his attention to the mid-life crisis/opportunity asking where are the elders and what does it mean to be a True Adult?

In this evening on Waiheke Island, Jaime will weave a tapestry of original songs, real life gusty storytelling, along with spoken word poetry from and of the heart (featuring poems by David Whyte, Mary Oliver and more).

The journey speaks to the Great Turning, an idea that we as humans have moved through the agricultural revolution, Industrial revolution and that now we are poised on the brink of a possible conscious revolution into a life sustaining society. The offering is made to bring more awareness to the work of Joanna Macy and Bill Plotkin in the spirit of the Great Turning.


Onetangi Community Hall
9 Third Avenue
Waiheke Island
Auckland 181
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A Wild Love for the World, with Jaime Howell

Find out more about Jaime Howell at:

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