Class 1, 18th November 2021


Introduction to iRest Yoga Nidra

Inner Resource

Welcome to this 5 week course, introducing some of the key fundamentals of iRest Yoga Nidra.

In this first week we introduced iRest Yoga Nidra as a fully holistic meditation practice. We took a brief look at the iRest 10 step protocol – essentially a map to guide us in meditation, and then we enquired into one of the first steps – Inner Resource, which makes up part of our Sankalpa (a vow or resolve, born from the heart).

An Inner Resource is the inner felt sense of well-being, ease, OK-ness and restful being that we may cultivate and experience. We may have a doorway or a portal into this experience by bringing forth a memory, experience or use our imagination, of places and times where we do feel more at ease and well, relaxed, or simply just OK.

We use all of our senses to bring forth the experience of this Inner Resource, so that it may have a resonance as a felt sense, and land in our nervous system. Some people shared their Inner Resources in a word cloud that we created in class – and this is shared below.

Please know that an Inner Resource may take some time, months or even longer to deeply land. It may just be a feeling rather than anything specific such as a place in nature or a person. It may change over time.

Please find on this page, the iRest Yoga Nidra Meditation recorded live from the session – you may also download this to listen offline and keep for your personal practice.

I intend to record the 15 minute slideshow presentation so this will also be available to watch here again soon.

Finally, a couple of people mentioned that they fell asleep for some of the meditation. Please know that this is perfectly natural – it’s just the body doing what it wants and needs. Nothing to resist here, or judge. We are actually playing with the edge of sleep – being deeply relaxed and awake (or asleep). Also, feel welcome to sit the next time, or recline.

Next week – we look at Heartfelt Desire … enquiring into our life’s purpose or wishes.

Enquiry into your Inner Resource

Take a little time to enquire: what brings you a sense of ease, relaxation, being oneself, safety, security, refuge, well-being, OK-ness?

Write down some of these reflections – it may be walking on the beach, swimming, a place in nature, a particular person, an animal, the sun on your face … anything. Below is the word cloud we created in the live session.

How would you describe this resource? Use all of your senses – what do you see, the light, colours, textures, temperature, smells, taste, sounds, resonance etc. Let it land in your body, as a felt sense, so that it may have a resonance in your nervous system. In the meditation, we’ll tap into this resource to bring a sense of well-being and ease – this is your Inner Resource.

Visit and recall your Inner Resource a little and often through your day and week. 2 minutes, 3 times a day was suggested, or before you go to sleep and as you wake up, to book end your day.

When life becomes challenging as inevitably it does, then your Inner Resource may become more easily available to you, to take the edge off the challenge, to soften it somewhat, perhaps offering a space where choices and responses may become a little wiser or more appropriate.

To download this meditation as an mp3, click on the three dots, then click on the download icon

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