The Heart of the Body

5Rhythms Dance and Yoga Retreat
with Sacha Paddy and Neal Ghoshal

Mana Retreat, Coromandel

31st August – 2nd September 2018


09 212 9579 | book online >

Sacha and Neal are delighted to be offering this heartful weekend at stunning Mana Retreat.

Guided by the practices of 5Rhythms Dance, mindful Yoga and meditation, we reconnect with the gifts of our body, coming home to a wholehearted and joyful sense of being.

No previous experience of dance or Yoga is necessary. You are encouraged to move and practice at your own level and within a safe and inviting space.

More Information

If you wish to know more about this retreat and what we’ll be doing, or you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Neal or Sacha on 021 146 7699 or 09 32 7650, or email us on

To book your place

You can book online at >>
or call Mana on 09 212 9579

Sacha Paddy

Sacha is a certified teacher of Gabrielle Roth’s 5Rhythms Dance and loves to share this simple, vibrant path to embodied freedom.

Her intention is to bring awareness of the sacred into my everyday life, connecting to spirit through dance, yoga and massage in my own practices and in the work I do with others.

My path has been one of listening to the profound teachings of nature and of reclaiming my intuition and body connection.

More about Sacha here >>

Neal Ghoshal

Neal has been practicing yoga for twenty years and teaching since 2003. He sees yoga as a guide to restoring our place and understanding of who we are and how we can live peacefully, happily and completely fulfilled.

Neal’s teaching focuses on exploring and refining natural movement and alignment principles – learning to embody these principles in a way that takes our spiritual practice into our everyday lives.

My aim in teaching is to create a safe and inviting space in which to learn and discover Yoga as a balance between effort and effortlessness, structural alignment and organic fluidity, mindfulness and spontaneity.

More about Neal here >>

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